Take & Manage Awesome Screenshots on Windows, Linux and Mac

Ever wanted to take those cool screenshots of windows and cursors and annotate them but didn’t want to shell out money to buy screenshot utilities like SnagIt? Well then you should try the following:

On Windows – Bug Shooting

The name might sound weird but it was developed as a utility for software testers to find bugs and report them along with the screenshots.

Bug Shooting offers you all the features you can want to get the perfect screenshots for your projects, reports and blogs. With Bug shooting you can capture the entire screen, a section of the screen, a window, capture with delay and so on.

After screen capture you can edit the screenshot (viz crop, rotate etc), annotate the screen shot with basic shapes and text and save it in the format of your choice all from within Bug Shooting.

Since it was originally designed for software testers and for reporting bugs, Bug Shooting thus offers you the ability to upload the screenshots to the right from within Bug Shooting.

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Bug shooting requires the .NET framework 2.0

On Linux – Gscrot

I had been looking for an application to take and manage screenshots for the Linux desktop for quite some time. I found one recently. Its called gscrot (as in Gnome ScreenShot I believe). You might have to do some work to install gscrot as its available in the ppa.

    First off you will have to edit the sources.list file in the /etc/apt directory. Use the following commands

    sudo vi /etc/apt/sources.list
    (you can use gui editor if you prefer)

    Now add this line to the file:

    deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/gscrot/ubuntu hardy main

    Save the file and exit.
    Now give the following commands at the terminal

    sudo apt-get update
    sudo apt-get install gscrot

That’s pretty much it, you will have gscrot installed and ready for use.

Gscrot also offers a multitude of features. Apart from presenting you with options to capture fullscreen or a particular windows, it also offers web capture, which allows you to take a screenshot of any web page.

For the purpose of post processing Gscrot offers a number of plugins that can be used to add some effects.

Gscrot also offers the provision to upload the screenshots to a hosting site.

On Mac – Skitch

Well to be honest, I am yet to use a Mac (it’s not very popular here in India). However reading Make Use Of has made me remember some of the great applications and Skitch is one of them. So I would like to point our Mac readers to Jackson’s article about Skitch.

Do you have any other favourite screenshot applications?