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This week: That watch you wear? Get rid of it, because Apple smart watches will be the in-thing this time next. In no way are they a solution searching for a problem, an attempt to sell something smaller than an iPhone because they tried going bigger one step and no one is sure  people want a bigger iPad. And by no means is size apparently Apple’s only remaining innovation. In no way at all. Also: that uncrackable password you think you have? Soooo 2012. Change it to something stronger. While you’re at it, get rid of Internet Explorer, the dedicated box you use for Netflix, and the sense of control you have over your online persona.

Oh, and that landline…don’t get me started about that landline. Gone.

This week’s show is brought to you by Bitdefender’s Clueful for iOS. It is the world’s first and only way to really understand how iOS apps treat user’s privacy. Installed apps are easy to analyze for understanding of the privacy-associated concerns that may affect you.

As always the Tech News

  • Commented on something? Google says thats an endorsement, and will put your name and photo next to it!
  • ComicCon tweets so you don’t have to. Read the ToS, people.
  • The NSA’s archive is full of spam, because of course it is.
  • Microsoft updates YouTube app with old YouTube app. Still doesn’t work.
  • Mobile app accidentally releases faked election results before voting has even begun. Whoops.
  • Apple is hiring a fashion executive as VP. Oh man: I hope it’s for a terrible watch!
  • That uncrackable word combination password method? Now useless. Switch to 64 character random everything.
  • Verizon refused to replace landline for a New Jersey island devastated by Sandy. Is this the beginning of the end for America’s landline network?
  • Netflix is coming to cable boxes. Will streaming and cable bury the hatchet?
  • Meanwhile, in Canada, the government may force cable providers to unbundle channels.
  • “Use Internet Explorer because it has DoNotTrack for your privacy!” (*we’ve developed new ways to track you anyway)
  • How a misread tweet caused oil prices to spike: investors thought a commemoration of the Yom Kippar War was talking about a contemporary Soviet invasion of Syria.

We also have listener feedback, what you been using, and plenty of other good stuff!

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