Technophilia 87: Something’s Missing

This week: a new virus encrypts your files and takes them hostage until you pay. I’ll ask James – who definitely didn’t make this, why are you even asking – what could possibly be worse than this. Blackberry’s BBM service is out now for Android and iOS users, and we couldn’t possibly be less excited. Rating bots disagree, find out why (hint: it’s because they’re bots). And we tell you about the greatest anti-piracy tactic of all time.

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Tech News

  • The cleverest malware yet: Ransomware encrypts your files and gives you an hour to pay before they’re irrecoverable.
  • WordPress 3.7 is out with automatic updates, improved search and a strong password meter.
  • Arrested for 3d printing a trigger and magazine clip in the UK.
  • So Blackberry’s BBM service is now on iPhone and Android, but it’s got many suspicious 5-star ratings.
  • Want to ride a balloon to space? Only $75,000.
  • More and more people are giving their phones to infants to keep the amused. Natural progression or disturbing development?
  • Artist turns his dead cat into a helicopter. You heard that correctly.
  • What’s on Google’s mystery boat?
  • Cable subscribers are subsidising us. Shh: nobody tell them.
  • How Google controls its open source Android OS.
  • Chicken. Rental. Services.
  • Facebook and Google bitch about the government spying on us, when spying on us is literally their business model
  • Schools are spying on their students, because they feel like they have to.
  • Google says its cars are better at driving than you.
  • Want legit copies of iWork and iLife? Go ahead and download an old pirate version, then upgrade through Mavericks – your account will now have legit copies. Yay!
  • Indie film directory uploads his own to PirateBay with little surprise. 10 minutes of the film followed by 120 minutes of shaved balls.

Gaming News

  • Nude image from Beyond: Two Souls “leaks”.
  • GTA V sold 29 million copies so far.
  • Brazilian Xbox One manual leaks, new Kinect works from 1.4 meters instead of 1.8.

And of course, we have plenty of stories and feedback from the listeners!

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