Technophilia 90: James Is Dead

This week: a judge rants about his cases on Facebook, resulting in a reversed decision against a sex offender. What will Facebook ruin next? Political campaigns can’t accept BitCoin donations, yet another setback for anarchists seeking to participate in the political process. And The Beastie Boys don’t want their songs in ads but a toy company claims parodies are fair use. Does that mean I can use any song for any purpose provided I change the lyrics? Awesome, because I’m putting together an ad myself: I’m just a hot dog nobody loves me (he tastes amazing, don’t believe his modesty, please pass the relish and the ketchup please).

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Tech News

  • The Beastie Boys asked toy company GoldieBlocks to not use a parody of their song “Girls” in a video – deceased member MCA said the songs cannot be used for ads in his will. Goldieblocks was going to sue them, claiming fair use, but have since backed down. Who wins may not matter, because apparently the toys kind of suck.
  • Google is patenting technology that will update social networks so you don’t have to. Now just check the network for me and we’ll be done here.
  • A judge rants about his cases on Facebook, which ends up reversing a sex offender determination.
  • Blackjet, the Uber for private jets is failing. Surprise surprise.
  • Pirate Bay co-founder: you can’t beat politics with technology.
  • Political campaigns can’t accept Bitcoin donations.
  • The NSA asked Linus Torvolds for a Linux backdoor.
  • LG Smart TVs are reporting your TV habits and USB filenames. Despite users setting that “feature” to off
  • Google is giving free debit cards for Wallet users in the US.
  • WinAmp lovers want AOL to open source the software. Never going to happen, but we’ll talk about this software’s legacy
  • Flipboard launches on Windows 8. And I thought waiting for the Android release took a long time…
  • CyanogenMod makes replacing your stock Android simple…but is it too simple?
  • Xbox One also sells 1 million+ units day one.

We have also talk about what we’ve been using, and we dive into some feedback from thelisteners.

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