Technophilia Episode 12: Is Windows 8 Cursed?

ME: awful. XP: good. Vista: Awful. 7: good. There’s been a certain pattern this millennium; will Windows 8 live up to or transcend this curse? Find out in episode 12 of Technophilia Podcast: Is Windows 8 Cursed?

Technophilia Podcast is a weekly, irreverent look at the past week in tech. We talk about the big technology headlines, highlight applications we’re using along with games we’re playing. It’s a lot of fun, and we hope you’ll join us.

This week – James tries out and loves Sublime Text, and recommends it for anyone who writes code. Justin tries out Androidx86, a complete port of Android for netbooks. Basically, he’s got Android on his netbook now. Dave hacks Siri to do even more things, though James and Justin aren’t convinced any of it is useful. Dave is mocked.

Also this week – anger! James doesn’t like that Google Chat imported all contacts from Google Plus, so he’s angry. As usual. Dave is angry at AT&T for capping his “unlimited” data plan. It’s kind of his fault, though, because he uses Spotify for all his music, and James points out there is no such thing as unlimited in the UK. Justin is content with life.

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And, of course, the headlines:

  • The Windows 8 Consumer Preview is out, and you can download and try it out for free if you want to arrive at your own decision. Otherwise, you’re entitled to James’ “Apple already won, and Windows 8 is crap“. Big surprise, coming from an Apple fanboy.
  • Makible is promising a $350 3D printer in a Kickstarter-style fundraising campaign. This could be cool, but we’re skeptical: there’s no working prototype yet.
  • Lenovo stopped selling netbooks last week. James and Dave argue this is the end of the netbook. Justin argues “netbook” was only ever a word meaning small computer, and the MacBook Air is doing fine.
  • Finally, on a classy note, a French man is suing Google for catching him relieving himself in front of Street View cameras. Our hard-hitting team ignores the privacy implications and asks the tough question – why was he peeing on his van?

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