Technophilia Episode 70: This Man Hates Games

This week: absolutely no news about Sean Parker’s wedding. You’re welcome, Internet. The US military is working on new policies for cyberwar, while Congress wants to make a database of every person legally allowed to work in this country. Nothing could possibly go wrong. All this, along with complaints from old men, in episode 70 of Technophilia.

Three longtime MakeUseOf contributors – James Bruce, Dave LeClair and myself: Justin Pot – have on 68 different occasions sat down from three different time zones and discussed the week’s technology and gaming news. Well, we tried – we got distracted along the way arguing about everything from the proper way to pronounce aluminum to the practicality of weather balloons for Internet connectivity. It’s a good thing you kept us on track: fans provided stories on our Facebook page, and at least one fan made a dubstep remix of the show.

As always, we have the headlines

  • Open letter to games media.
  • iPhone 4 leaker takes to Reddit.
  • Hulu’s future is uncertain, depends who buys it.
  • We’re not done with PRISM yet. New slides show real-time data monitoring. 100k active surveillance targets.
  • DEA seizes 11 bitcoins. (How? They probably just took his computer. That’s how stupid bitcoins are)
  • Ever lost over how you’re going to pay for things on the new Mars colonies? Paypal Galactic has you sorted.
  • Old Japanese guy sues TV station for using too much Engrish.
  • Norton Mobile Insight Discovers Facebook Privacy Leak. Sends users phone numbers to Facebook servers without permission.
  • The Internet is only 4% porn, despite common complaints around 37%.
  • Texas teen arrested for violent Facebook post (despite obviously being a joke). WTF is wrong with you, ‘muuurica? (koshy)
  • Microsoft loses Skydrive trademark in Europe to Sky broadcasting. Pay fines or drop the name. Time to rebrand everything (again).
  • Pentagon updating conflict policies in cyberspace.
  • Immigration bill could create massive database of everyone in the USA.

Gaming News

  • Kinect 2 won’t work on Windows; you’ll need the $399 Kinect for Windows.
  • Just what you always wanted: Windows 8 apps on Xbox One
  • Valve Announces Source Rift Support: Source mods can now easily enable Rift, so expect a TON of awesome stuff.
  • Hentai on the Rift at last [NSFW]! Oh come on, it was only going to be so long before someone did this.
  • We are giving away a Wikipad!

This week, the show is brought to you by Bitdefender Internet Security, which we reviewed here. To go along with giving away ten copies of the program, we are also giving away two Windows 8 laptops!

Listener feedback and suggestions

  • Dave Parrack @DavePee: Tim Schafer asks for $400k, raises $3 million, and then asks for more to complete the game.
  • Koshy’s never-ending bitcoin update: Bitcoin breaches the $90 dollar mark, Bitcoin is now trading at 88 USD.

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