Teleportd: Location Based & Real-Time Photo Search Engine For iOS

There are a number of photo apps for iOS devices, the ones that allow you to either take photos and customize them directly or decorate the photos you have in your albums through filters, effects etc. A lot of these photos are public and Teleportd – in their own words – wants to make sense of them. It pulls in the public photos from most of such apps and aligns them to current happenings across the world thus showing your real-time information with photos.

location photo search

The app does not reveal a lot of information on how it works or which apps it can connect to so you’ll need to try it out and see for yourself. It is free to use and requires iOS 4.0 or higher. Works on iPod touch too.


  • Search public photos on iOS in real-time
  • Shows you what’s happening around the world with those photos
  • Free, needs iOS 4.0 or higher

Check out Teleportd @

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