Ten Free MP3 Albums To Download [Sound Sunday, January 30th Edition]

This week’s edition of Sound Sunday is full of good stuff!

You will find several debut albums, a music video produced by Olan Rogers, an experimental soundtrack, the third Tangram album featured on Sound Sunday, some Hip Hop, but most of all great pop and rock.

If you have any suggestions, feel free to use the comments or drop me an eMail [tina at makeuseof dot com].

Awake! Awake! – We’ve Been Strangers

Genre: indie, new wave, rock

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We’ve Been Strangers is the 2007 debut album of Awake! Awake!. Recorded independently at a college home in Tennessee, it granted the boys a more promising launch into the music industry than they had hoped for. Three years later their second album Bittersweet Horizon went live. A music video produced by Olan Rogers followed this month and received over 10,000 hits within 72 hours.

You can download their debut album We’ve Been Strangers free from Bandcamp.

Awake! Awake! MySpace and Facebook.

Tangram – Docosanoid

Genre: ambient, electronica, new wave, downtempo, minimal

Tangram has become one of my favorite ambient electronic projects. Hence I’m excited to share the latest album Docosanoid with you. Released on November 22nd it’s a seamless follow-up to Péter Fabók’s previous releases, including Tepidarium, Micropolis, and Flow, which were all featured on Sound Sunday.

Docosanoid is a name your price download from Bandcamp. Please donate generously.

Tangram MySpace and Homepage.

Spiral – Machine

Genre: progressive, space rock, experimental, electronic, soundtrack

Following the release of their 2010 album Citizen, an independent film company approached Spiral with the offer to produce a movie. The idea for the plot was to follow the story of Citizen, but from the Machine‘s perspective. The band eagerly started working on their very first soundtrack and enjoyed the freedom it gave them. Sadly, the movie never saw the light of day and the fascinating science fiction soundtrack is all that is left.

Download Machine free from Bandcamp.

Spiral MySpace and Facebook.

United Noise Records – Gestalt

Genre: electro, industrial, retro, synthpop

Despite the German album name (Gestalt means figure or form), United Noise Records are based in Glasgow / Paisley, UK. It’s a music project of techno, industrial, and electro junkies. They also maintain a weekly webcast and chat called Maschinefunk. I wonder where their fascination for German words stems from and whether they know that the ‘proper’ German word formation would be either Maschinenfunk or Funkmaschine. 😉

Gestalt is a free download from Bandcamp.

United Noise Records Facebook and Homepage.

D.N.A. – The Evolution of the double Delix

Genre: hip hop, melodramatic

D.N.A., also known as Drac N Antalyst, are a duo from outer space. On Bandcamp they introduce themselves as “Drac & Antahlyzah form DNA..a Duo of Planetary Emcees Bearing Ancient Scrolls of Black Wisdom InterTwined With Lyrical Wizardry.

The Evolution of the double Helix is a name you price download from Bandcamp.

Derock MySpace. Antahlyzah MySpace.

The Age of Rockets – Hannah

Genre: indie, pop, rock, classical, orchestral, electronica

From their Facebook page: “The Age of Rockets is a band from Brooklyn New York. Currently recording our 3rd LP. We use orchestra musicians and lap tops and try to do the rest ourselves.

Hannah is available for free from Bandcamp.

The Age of Rockets MySpace and Homepage.

The Danvilles – The Danvilles LP

Genre: rock, pop

From their Facebook page: “Inspired by 1960s pop and surf guitars the Virginia based trio, The Danvilles, have taken their love for music of yesterday, combined it with rock “˜n roll, and developed a sound all their own.

The Danvilles LP is a free download from Bandcamp.

The Danvilles MySpace and Homepage.

Ruby Coast – Whatever This Is

Genre: indie, rock, pop, soul

Whatever This Is is Ruby Coast’s debut album. The band from Toronto, Canada recorded the album at the legendary ‘Hotel2Tango’ in Montéal, Canada.

Whatever This Is is a free download from Bandcamp.

Ruby Coast Facebook and Twitter.

Creepers – Songs From the Green House

Genre: indie, rock, pop,

Recorded in the Green House in Gainesville, Florida, Songs From the Green House is the debut EP of Creepers. The four track album was released in mid January this year.

Songs From the Green House is a free download from Bandcamp.

Creepers Facebook.

Dispatch – Album Sampler

Genre: rock

free mp3 In 2007 Dispatch from Boston, Massachusetts became the first independent band to sell out Madison Square Garden in NYC and they did so for three days in a row. The occasion was a Zimbabwe fundraising event. Dispatch recently gave away four free albums to promote their upcoming North America tour. Unfortunately, the opportunity has passed, however, their sampler is still available.

Get a taste of Dispatch’s music by downloading their Album Sampler. Just add /sampler to the Homepage link to launch the download of the Album Sampler .zip file.

Dispatch MySpace and Homepage.

Yes, this is the end of this week’s free music already! However, feel free to browse past editions of Sound Sunday. You can also get in touch with me [tina at makeuseof dot com] to share free material, suggestions, and feedback or simply add your comments below.

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