Text Utilities: Manipulate Your Text Online

Text Utilities is a multipurpose webpage where you can customize and manipulate your text. It lets you quickly encode, decode, case convert, javascript and regexp any submitted text.

To start, simply go to the site, enter your text and click on feature that you want to apply.

manipulate your text

Here is the full list of thing you can do:

  • Encode and Decode: URL, URl comp, UTF 8 and base64
  • Case Convert: UPPERCASE, lowercase, sWITCH cASE, CameCase and TitleCase.
  • Hush your text:  SHA-1, MD5, MD4 Hexadecimal, String bytes and Base64 bytes.
  • Evaluate and apply javascript function to the whole text, and  make bookmarlklet.
  • Base convert your text in to string, hexadecimal and binary code.
  • Find, regexp & replace.
  • Other: Trim, Trim lines, Fix Quotes and get Text Statistics.

You can also check other similar apps that we have profiled earlier i.e. TextTop.us, TextFixer, Alphabetizer and Textris.

Check out Text Utilities @ http://streetpc.free.fr/text

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