TextReminders: Send Free SMS and Setup SMS Reminders

TextReminders is a free website that allows to send free SMS text messages to any mobile phone in the United States. Absolutely free, no registration required.

free sms messages from pc

Enter your email address, provide cell number where you want it to be sent, type in the message (upto 120 characters) and click on “send text”. Done. The recipient will receive the message shortly.

send free text messages online

As were mentioned above you don’t have to register to send free SMS messages. However if you register you’ll be able to setup text reminders for recurret events and tasks. Recurrent reminders can be set to be delivered on a daily, weekly, monthly or even yearly basis.

Finally, it also lets you invite friends and keep each other updated on what you’re up to at any given moment. Or alternatively use it as a free agroup text messagig tool.

Check out TextReminders @ www.textreminders.net

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