Textris: Alphabetize, Sort, Label and Capitalize Lists

Textris is a handy website where you can perform dozens of sort and labeling operations on lists. Sort items in alphabetical order, capitalize text, remove duplicate records, number items, strip HTML tags etc. You can even used to it to scan through the list of email addresses and locate invalid entries. There are plenty of operations. No sign up or registration required.

Alphabetize, Sort, Label and Capitalize Lists

Features include:

  • Sorting / Alphabetizing lists: alphabetize, sort numerically, string sorting, reverse, formatting.
  • Item Labeling: number labeling, letter labeling, roman numerals.
  • Case / Capitalization: convert to upper (or lower) case, title case, sentence case.
  • For Coders: strip HTML and PHP code, convert special characters to HTML, convert HTML to text, create HTML select options.
  • Other: Remove duplicates items, scan and validate emails etc.

If Textris doesn’t have the operation that you need then also check out previously covered Alphabetizer and TextTop.us.

Go to Textris @ textris.flap.tv

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