That Awkward Moment When You… Complete Social Media Fail

That feeling when you’ve said something stupid on Twitter and realize you’re going to get flamed.

Been there? Well, be thankful that’s as bad as it gets for most people. And then there are the real screw-ups.

This week has been full of social media blunders from the criminally stupid, the perpetually petrified and rude business-people in general. It’s amazing how big these people messed up. Read on and you’ll see why no-one will even remember your own social stumbles. These people are unbelievable!

When He Posted Pics Of His Crime On Instagram

So, this guy Dominyk Antonio Alfonseca decided to rob a bank the other day by politely asking for the money. As he didn’t feel this was actually a crime, he thought that videoing the event and posting pictures on Instagram afterwards was all fine and dandy.

All in all, he posted a picture of the note he handed the teller, and videos of her reading the note and her handing over the money. And then he wondered why he got arrested. Seriously.


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That Moment When You Like Your Own Wanted Poster

Levi Charlies Reardon was wanted for forgery, as he was suspected to have stolen a wallet and cashed in some missing checks. But the police couldn’t find him. That’s where things got crazy.

Our criminal mastermind Levi was checking out Facebook when he saw his own wanted post on the Great Falls/Cascade County Crimestoppers Facebook page. What did he do? He clicked “like”. Unbelievable.


That Awkward Moment When You Call The Wrong Person A Paedophile

This gem of a story happened in Melbourne, Australia. A lady was out shopping with her kids and she saw a guy take a photo near them.

She got upset, took a photo of him before he left the area and then posted an update on Facebook with the photo saying “Ok people, take a look at this creep”. The post went on to claim he’d taken a photo of her kids and that he was going to send it to a 16-yr old. She warned other people to stay safe and so the post was shared hundreds of times before the truth came out.

This poor guy found out via a friend who had seen his photo and went straight to the police to clear his name. And what was he doing?

Well, he was taking a selfie (his first!) next to a “May The 4th Be With You” poster with Darth Vader on it. He thought it would be a daggy dad thing to do and wanted to send it to his kids. As he wandered off he was trying to work out how to send it to them.

Let this be a lesson to all parents not to try to keep up with the things kids do. It could land you in trouble!

When You Call Your Customer Ugly On Your Facebook Page

The last bungle comes thanks to a wedding photographer who has absolutely no business sense whatsoever. After uploading the wedding photos of this couple he left a rather unpleasant comment about the bride.

“Ugliest bride I have ever photographed. Winged [sic] the whole time. Bridezilla #1″

For those of you who aren’t Brits or Aussies, saying she “whinged” means she was complaining about everything. And calling her ugly? Not an ideal way to treat a client. And certainly not a great way to get new ones.

Apparently there was a dispute about the quality of the photos he took, so he was not exactly pleased with her when he uploaded this. But you’d think a business person would think about the damage a comment like this might do before they posted it. Wouldn’t you?


More Social Media Blunders

Personally I can’t get enough of reading about social media blunders. I read about them in the hope that it will minimize the chances of me making quite such grievous errors myself.

Last year we had US Airways and the NYPD in strife, with the backfiring of the #myNYPD hashtag (a.k.a. bashtagging) and US Airways replying to a NSFW comment and inadvertently including the link to an image of a naked woman “playing” with a toy plane. Lesson learned: take time to think things through!

What amazing blunders have you witnessed or do you recall making headlines? Share the best here!

Image Credit: R4vi via Flickr

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