The Best Basketball Dynamic Duo Ever

Sup guys we’re back I’m here with Jay again it’s Adrian we’re gonna talk about you put my chukkas so he’s putting on my Chuck is right now we had an idea to try to figure out who is one of the best basketball players besides obviously God knows I mean in Central Florida yeah so if you think you are.

Feel free to tweet me DM me text me if you have my number because I honestly think you cannot beat me and JT on two so I double that that being said let’s begin who’s first honestly anybody like.

Can get it pause it’ll matter who you are my friends already know this garvin trash Josh trash dump can shoot track but any of my friends are y’all out right now who can honestly be us to want to nobody like out of our friends yeah no no out of Central Florida if you I don’t even know if you if you’re a Central Florida who use a d3 athlete that tore their ACL or.

Has some made-up story while in.

The air text me please dude what happened ah dude I done tore like my you know like my trauma it’s four o’clock forty five and I get a text message saying I’m drunk you can do better sweetie come on hopefully this girls listen to this and goes oh my god I can’t believe you said that I said your name job what’s your name just what’s written on your goddamn 445 what are you doing right now.

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