The Centre Of Europe Is The Centre Of Tourism: Hungary’s Hospitality Industry Continues To Boom

Budapest has become a focal point of tourism in Central Europe, reports. At an out-of-schedule meeting of MSZÉSZ, the Hotel Association of Hungary, the strategic goals were introduced and the work of the association was evaluated. Hungary and especially Budapest has experienced continuous development over the past few years, which may be one of the causes behind the dynamic growth of tourism.

According to the site, Hungary’s tourism increased dynamically last year, while the guest nights were divided between domestic and foreign traffic in a 45-55% division. The internal traffic rose by 7% and the foreign grew by 4%. The most of the visitors arrives from western-European counties such as Germany, French, Italy and Spain. However, more visitors have arrived from the United Kingdom, probably because of the development of transportation, the Liszt Ferenc Airport and the expansion of destinations and flights of low cost airlines. In our previous article, we have already collected the announced brand new flights to Budapest, click here to have a look at it. Also, the governmental steps taken concerning tourism diplomacy and the launching of the direct flights resulted in an increase of the Chinese interest by more than 40%.


Thus, Budapest and Hungary too have raised their values in the region and became the tourist centre of Central-Europe. According to the raising values plenty of Hungarian touristic attraction has got ranked as “no.1.” on international portals and reviews. For exampl,e you can find the world’s most prestig…

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