The History Of Full Auto – Part 3

It is odd to see that the first game was only available for the Xbox 360 and the second game was only available for the PlayStation 3 there is no official explanation for this weird occurrence however there is evidence to explain why sega did this full-auto one was most likely a deal with Microsoft to have an exclusive launch title.

For the Xbox 360 due to pseudo interactive working with Microsoft’s ex and a software prior to launch the Xbox 360 unlike the Xbox one exclusive –zz that also come to pc games that were exclusive to.

The Xbox 360 never came to PC for battle lines it is possible that Sega negotiated a deal with Sony to create the game exclusive to the system with a spin-off game for the PSP other games like Grand Theft Auto.

Vice city stories grand theft auto liberty City Stories and burnout Dominator all took the same route only being exclusive to the PlayStation brand and having a release on the PSP it is also possible that Sony wanted battlelines to be a.
Launch title for the places a3.

As the game was released extremely close to the PlayStation Gries release date what is even more interesting is how battle lines could have originally been meant to be DLC for full auto 1 in a private message with one of the producers of battle lines he stated battle lines was originally not intended to be a sequel Sega took decision to turn it into a sequel after negotiating with Sony I find the wording of this statement very interesting it sounds as though.

The developers were working on something to do with full auto 1 and then the deal with Sony made it.

Into a full-blown sequel this would explain why battle lines feels more like an addition a sequel I reused many of the items from full-auto one and was made in the same engine full auto one was missing a story mode and a arena deathmatch mode which did make it into battle lines so it is possible those additions were actually meant.

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