The Hunter Cotw | Live Stream! On Africa!

Well I sorry I know it’s called unfortunately they are not diseases like foot and mouth spread quickly among them we must keep a watchful eye over athlete’s foot eat friends you weren’t here I also got a crossbow because I have the job he couldn’t have gone too far I shouldn’t like in the normal person – I got it.

With my gun not possible I should have used to cross because he was quite close to me so yeah mistakes and do size chart Chapel hmm you’re also gonna be seeing new animals.

Cuz I’m just editing killing deer quite boring so now we can plant them buffaloes warthogs kudos I know I know this countless madness let’s just.

Run over you slowly because we don’t want him to hear us or not run Crouch you can see that he wants you in judging by the grass that’s been no word and I’m in energetic mood today I finally drink water after I wake up look up I also cracked himself because you know I shot him.

Only reason why I chose Africa is because look at this.

It’s beautiful and it’s just it’s just clear inland or almost came down well and the other one it’s so hard to like see animals because of the.

Forest I remember that I was camping in a turbine farm cuz there were barely any trees there and I call it for dinners maybe it was too low dere’s more than red and one fellow above course laid some different spots.

In a turbine because if you shoe in one place until anomaly one because I’m the one good there so yeah that’s why I kind of liked cramped I mean it’s a hunting game some companies good man imagine you like actually plays I suppose and buting like I’m real-life scenario because you would just wait.

Or something like that and you would you just be like so below instrument ahead and.

The buffer is going to go straight attachment to you and you’re like okay well I’m sorry spawn like imagine that all right I don’t want to use the air conditioner just should be dead please soon I shall I’m picturing him two times or even three do not count or I just hit.

That stop sign we never know okay we can see you want to you it’s called bit faster just now means it’s refresh okay.
We can kind of see him here I’ll know if you win this way yo is that him.

Apollo didn’t meet each other most honorable I mean doesn’t really look like your to hear.

Oh no it’s just kind of grass I’m.

Pushed down but it sure does like you’re saying that they are for Heidi okay he definitely went this way.

About ten more animals to buy ammo because I’m fine no one anymore so I need make my shots count you know that was these guys like him from twice in one sorry okay this is very fresh that’s not just now so he’s not quite in the area thank you knew it I forgot.

To put the thumbnail I’ll doing one hunting for this beast okay back to the trees I guess that’s scary to me I thought I heard the for a second take anything with you just go in a circle empty yeah he won’t seem so should be shot oh here we go he won’t back out sure you kidding me.

Oh piggy piggy oh I think you probably you know why cause he’s probably surely dead sure yeah some facts about that you saw that me so leave that much that beautiful tree this right here the good thing it means our hunting opportunity so yeah I’m trying.

To go hunting opportunity and let’s see how it goes shall we gonna be good to me extremely back to me I sure they could my crossbow.

Right now it’s a like about 20 meters a mistake ibly lesser kudu but there’s nothing less about.

These antelope they are sweet peaceful soul’s laid back and a bit shy so you’ll have to work for them take need now we can know what.

Like animals of male or female yes we can and this is a male imagine there is an animal in.

This place but we cannot see well there was a drop button that I think that it you know I should stop doing this woman in with my shots can’t you see it again don’t you Africa the land where people began I knew you couldn’t leave or endure forever grandchild the day our family adopted you I saw the fire in your eyes and I said that child is my mystical magical and now I know I’m right the ancestors brought you back here on my behalf.

Thank you for coming you’ve still got those other jobs to do right don’t slag that’s fish my god stop making noise these bushes hide me perfectly I love that one but bushes like these one day just here wherever you find a waterhole dellavedova that’s a friend the warthog won’t be.

Fun without Lions to hunt them what hog heads around here are getting crowded that puts a lot of strain.

On the water supply in the reserve where water is not always abundant beautiful very sleek here they spotted they can barely see me oh yes walk over here you get closer she’s way too far changing where I shove it bubbly very long I think I got the balloon I’m gonna be a bone and then along yeah that could you couldn’t have lasted French yes we gone yeah I knew it I could.

Not ask more of you that was perfectly executed now you just have to do one more thing then.
You’ll spoil the surprise for you it’s more work such is the.

Life okay no wonder why I didn’t kill her immediately because I joined along because that dough you that is everything I asked you to do Oh grandchild.

Oh no we have a problem remember how we lost the Lions the elephants are all but one Rhino you know what the problem was don’t you porch as they littered the reserve with traps the Busha the eastern land.

Was hit hardest my crew helped the police.

Pushed these poachers out of the Busha but I’ll have so many traps behind no matter how many we’ve cleared we keep finding more a junior guide spotted a few of these traps not far from where you started if you kindly clear them out none was our stream level in vehicles okay English education I think it’s quite small I don’t have one.

On my rifle you know there you go saving the Savannah one who did at the time I was expecting that we needed a move we had to 70k then within a backpack of course we need a scope feels like a beast Oh let’s.

Wait one well I’m gonna try a new stream because this I said the previous ones are ethical.

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