The New Beta Version Of Skype Brings Better Microsoft & Facebook Integration [Updates]

With Microsoft’s acquisition of Skype, it comes as no surprise that the new Skype version would be made to work better with Microsoft accounts. The newly released beta version of Skype 5.11 for Windows gives us an early window into the developments.

The fresh visual design is just the first one that should draw some appeal. In a new approach to setting up your Skype account, you can sign up with either your Microsoft or Facebook account without needing to create a new Skype user ID. Once inside, you can choose to link your Skype friends and thus display a combined list of friends under the single roof of the chat program. For instance, if you use your Microsoft ID (former Windows Live ID) you can interact with friends who are using Messenger, Xbox, Hotmail or

The new interface is relatively uncluttered as more space has been created for your friends list. It will be easier also to switch between profile pictures.  You can see all previous profile shots and opt for a snap which you had previously used. This saves you the bother of going back to your desktop for the old favorite in case you want to bring it back.

In a nod to product improvement, error reporting has been improved with changes in the way Skype remotely gathers data. You can opt-in for telemetry by going to Help improve Skype… located under Tools > Options > Advanced. Skype says – The reports may contain your Skype ID and or Microsoft Account ID but we will not use it to identify you or contact you.

Skype 5.11.0 for Windows Beta is available now as a free download but being a beta version choose to install it only if you want to try out the features; else wait for the stable version which will follow.

Source: Skype Garage

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