The Real Africa – Powerful Speech

Oh man this is crazy um the real Africa is the one that never show you the real Africa is hidden beneath veneer of poverty and hunger and depth a cancerous mass on the face of the earth that the rest of the world term homogeneous Africa the real Africa is submerged beneath corruption and greed beneath Tony and an ostentatious.

Elite beneath the faces of people they cannot feed the real Africa is very beneath shanty towns rife with dirt.

And disease where children are forced to grow up much too quickly to survive the real Africa is concealed under a no-man’s land up there’s a bear and dry and unable to sustain green and a healthy life no no no that’s matter we are Africa.

The Africa I know the Africa that is reflected in the warm sunshine and you can feel burning inside you the Africa the shine from warm spontaneous mild Africa that is at the heart of sky high mountains and tropical jungles of.

Golden sand dunes and lush green grassland the Africa there is at the heart of different peoples different languages different cultures.
Different identities who all call this land the home.

And then where mu you mutiny me rependa where the roots take.

Hold and don’t let go solid as a blob of tree but as always been and will always be there standing steady and solid against the men insist of time my Africa it’s where my heart besides didn’t when I’m long gone.

And far away where my mind drifts across the distance of a never-ending ocean the Rio Africa can.

Be slept the minim step off the plane onto African soil and feel the air calling you beckoning you home the real Africa is the chaos and the calm that exists a bus for us punkin cars zone pass on streets that run parallel to cows grazing peacefully in the field this is the.

Real Africa they never talk about the real Africa never show you this is the place that I call home Sumida Richard Richard all right so the question is it’s Africa or continent or country about one more trick question all right.

It’s raining heavily and you’re looking at the back of your car how did it get out if it’s raining heavy and we’re locked through the truck well no it’s raining I mean why would you want to get out anyway Oh.

God no God please no no all right source Annette Cindy Weaver Angelica all right the question is is Africa or continent our country I have one would quick question all right.

It’s really heavily right and you’re locked up at the.

Back of your car how do you get out are you told Matt in the trunk or in the back like in the back seat it’s.

Heavily running and your luck in the back seat honey how do you get out the window all right.

So what’s your name my name is Kyla more cover one eyes them so I it’s Africa or continent or a country countenance she got it right one more question for you uh yeah it’s written heavily and you’re locked in the backseat of your car how do you get out like you just press the you got it right you got it.

Right yeah bust the window or just honestly think about all right what thanks Allah don’t what is your name alright it’s Africa a continent or a country what you’re never gonna make it you’re not good enough there’s a million other people with the same self you really think you’re different then you must be kidding think you’re gonna hit it but you just don’t get it it’s impossible it’s not probable that.

You’re responsible too many obstacles you gotta stop the domes you gotta take as though you can’t be your pro notice you time no more who.

The fuck do you to tell me what to do I don’t give a damn if you say you disapprove I’m gonna make my.

Move I’m gonna make it soon and I’ll do it cause it’s what I wanna fucking do.

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