The Real Reason Jet Li Looks Completely Different Now

In a wheelchair if he continued to work in martial arts films which helps to.

Account for his slowed output in the genre since then who could blame him the movies he’s already done get to live forever but Lee himself only gets one chance from a bad angle Lee’s public relations people were quick to pounce on the emerging viral story with his manager telling USA Today that his client was quote completely fine though leaves.

Manager assured readers that Lee appreciated the outpouring of concern he also made it clear that the rumors of Lee’s declining health were greatly exaggerated not to mention.

A snap judgment based on one photo of questionable composition as Lee’s manager put it it’s one picture and people are making these interpretations if you took a picture of me at the wrong angle and.

The wrong time of day I could look frail as well as the photo gained traction with news outlets around the.

World social media commentators pointed out that much of Lee’s appearance could.

Come down to issues of lighting posture another external factor is not indicative of failing help the bad photo Theory has merit in December 2017 Lee shared a photo on Instagram wishing his fans a Happy New Year while his appearance in the video is similar to his look in the viral photo he appears.

Considerably healthier older but not in trouble dear friends this is Jack I wish you happy holidays in the great year 2018 Romeo is fine while Lee does look different now it doesn’t appear to be because.
His health is declining nor are things as.

Bad as one photo makes it look Lee is still working as a filmmaker though he’s kept most of his work aside.

Series in China that may change soon as the actor is reportedly in talks to star in the live-action version of Disney’s Mulan set for release in 2020 Lee may be getting older but rumors of his.

Condition have been greatly exaggerated just because he’s cooled it with the high kicks doesn’t mean he’s done kicking around thanks for watching click the looper icon to subscribe to our YouTube channel plus check out all this cool stuff.

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