The Species With Amnesia Series – Episode #18 – The Gnostics And The Cosmic Serpent

On this particular relief you can see where the Western world through Judaism took a piece of a concept of the creation story from you can see where the Greek philosophers took a concept of Greek philosophy from and you can also see where Christianity took a concept European Christianity took a concept from so let’s break it down when studying.

The religion of ancient Egypt one will quickly realize that the themes and stories of their religion was.

Copy and pasted into what is now the Abrahamic religions Hermes Trismegistus and Greece Greek mythology they literally took it from.
Two who D it is here that I ancestors had a study from the 42.

Books of Tahiti the God kanoon fashioning man on the potter’s wheel.

Out of clay this is where Judaism took a portion of this to make up their Genesis story with the sanhedrin’s around 250 BC from this relief right.

Here of God fashioning man and woman on the potter’s wheel and they took other concepts of Adam from piriapolis creation story or.

The city of Owen to make up their Adam as a man when actually was at home the son and we see we European Christianity took from the goddess Isis and horse and made up the European again let.

Me express the European version of Mary and Jesus so you got.

Greek philosophy where he took from – hootie and call it Hermes Trismegistus you got the Jehovah Genesis creation story.

And the Bible where they took from kanoon fashioning man on the potter’s wheel out of.

Plate and they turned it into making man out of plate Adam out of clay and you also got Christianity right here showing Isis lactating or breastfeeding the Holy Child.

Whores who was born of Immaculate Conception and virgin birth this plagiarism of religious stories is important in understanding the significance of the Gnostics because the Gnostics were one of the earliest sects of Christianity and their depiction is unsettling the Gnostics see this physical realm the third dimension as a prison created by a Demiurge a prison for the divine they say each one of is part of this.

Divinity this divinity is directly associated with the goddess Sophia the mother.

Of the planet the creator of the Demiurge the Demiurge himself.

Is described as the God that we know of the Abrahamic religions an.

Impostor posing himself as God creating a separation between us and our divinity the true God this Demiurge filled with ego seeks everyone to obey Him.

To worship the serpent in the Garden of Eden within the Gnostic depiction is depicted as a servant of the divine who persuades Adam and Eve to eat the fruit.

Of knowledge which grants them with the ability to see past the.

Illusion this upsets the Demiurge who then banishes them from the Garden of Eden keep in mind this was the original version of modern day Christianity and I think Christianity if you scratch it deep enough.

You you end up with the shamanistic experiences and you end up with direct connection with the divine and the early Christians to my mind undoubtedly were the Gnostics and we can talk about that but then what happens is that the bureaucrats and the moneyman come in the power muggers come in and they hijack.

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