The Top 5 Free Online Resources For Collectors

collectHeadFancy yourself a collector? Collections can be comprised of almost anything and there are lots of things you could collect. Today I will be focusing on 5 collectibles and websites with collectors’ resources. People need to know how much items cost and where they can find them.

The 5 collections covered in this article will be are as follows: coins, comics, guns, baseball and other sports cards, vintage dolls (Barbie and the like).

So first up, we will be looking at a site with collectors’ resources for you coin collectors. I found a site that covers coins and coin collecting; where you can find out their prices and other nifty resources. The site is called 2-clicks Coins.

When you visit their site, you will see this:

collectors resources

I clicked on Value of coins to start and looked up a few coins I have from my childhood. You will also find tips for the beginner coin collector or how to get your children involved with your hobby. Pretty neat.

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The next hobby is comic book collecting; another favorite from my childhood. I still have boxes of old #1’s in Mylar. Back in the day, the only way to price comics was to purchase the wizard or another comic book guide for twenty bucks or more. So nowadays checking out Comic Price Guide and seeing its potential makes me think that kids have it easy now!

The site looks like this:

collectors resource

You will find a site that allows you to buy, sell, create wish lists and manage your collection. They have classified ads, places to learn about grading the condition of the books, storage and so much more. You can find out about particular brands or comic lines. This place has everything a budding new comic collector or a old school collector.

Now I hear some people collect guns. That is not something we are legally allowed to do in New York City but it is legal some places. The site I found is a section of This site has pricing for all kinds of firearms. It looks like this:

collector website

Once you’re there, you will be able to drill down and check out specific makes and models of guns. Great collector’s resource.

And getting back to the main stream hobbies, let’s check out sports cards. Baseball cards used to be the big thing but it has exploded into every sport imaginable and the site Rookiestars lets you check out all sorts of information sports card pricing for free online. This is what the site looks like and covers:

collector sites

You can click on any of the sports and then a specific time frame. Then you can see the pricing for all valuable cards. Another awesome resource.

And last, we have a hobby relating to buying, selling and collecting Barbie dolls and other “Fashion” dolls from way back when. The site is called Fashion Doll Guide and they offer up all types of information any budding doll collector should have as a resource at their finger tips.

Here is a shot of the site:


Maybe you have another hobby? Do you have sites that you consider to be an invaluable resource and couldn’t live without? We would love to hear from you in the comments! We have also covered a site that allows you to manage your collections over at the directory, check it out.

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