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Hey welcome to books of Brandywine today is Wednesday which is our book review day and the book that I want to share with you guys today is The Wizard of Oz by L frank Baum Baum ma’am mom I’m pretty sure it’s Baum but I just read this book a couple months ago and I found it because it was.

A Barnes Noble and it was a classic and I was like I need to read this I need to read classic and as you can see it’s like really tiny which I love because if it in my back pocket while I was reading it so I was able to just take it with me everywhere which I ended.

Up needing it because I was on a set for like eight hours I think and I had this book with me and it was very very late came in handy but I really enjoyed it I would recommend anyone read this book especially if they’re fan of the movie and the reason I would recommend anyone.

Read this book is because I think it’s really really important that people read the classics that movies are based off of especially when they’re older classics.

Like this one where the movie changed so very much because while the movie is really awesome and I love the.

Love the songs and they get stuck in.

Your head and I love Israel’s version of over the rainbow I love every version of over the rainbow but I think it’s important to read the original version and to find out what the book was really what the book really was what.

The movie really was supposed to be before they change to everything am I understood why they changed things I mean it made things go along faster I had a stronger antagonist but um it’s really good and I have to say first her shoes are not ruby.

They’re silver which I think most people know by now but I just I had to say her shoes are not Ruby they’re silver and in fact a lot of things are different when he they were saying the introduction that when he wrote this book he wanted it to.

Be an American fairy tale and it really is I mean every quarter of this world is a different color like one.

Whole quarter they all dress in green one a whole criminal corner they all dress in yellow one whole corner they all dress in red like I think the fourth one they’re all blue like it’s very bright it’s very colorful it’s very much a fairy tale but it’s a good fairy tale I’m like the original fairy tales where everything bad always happened because original fairy tales are not Disney fairy tales they are scary and they’re dark and.

I still suggest you read them but they’re scary in their dark but I really enjoyed it it was really fun it was really quick and I do plan on going back and reading the rest of the series eventually but I wanted to at least read this first book as.

Far as a favorite quote they’re all pretty quirky in this book and I don’t remember any of the quotes being particularly deep but there was one.

Point where Dorothy is asking about the wizard and she’s.

Like is he a good man and she’s like well that person who’s the original.

Witch that they meet who by the way is not Glinda Galindo’s another witch that they meet at the very end but this original witch is a little old lady with the munchkins and she says that he’s a good wizard I don’t know if he’s a good man or not because I’ve never met him basically Brenda sizing and I thought that was interesting.

Because later when they do meet the wizard as y’all know this can’t really be.
A spoiler the movie was over Oz has been around for like ever.

And I’m sure everybody has seen it so if this is a spoiler for you then stop it right now and skip like a few seconds.

Head but when she meets the wizard she’s like you are a very bad man and he’s like no I’m a very good man I’m just a very bad wizard and I just think that’s so funny because at the beginning the witch is like oh no he’s a good wizard but I don’t know if he’s man and at the end he’s.

Like oh I’m a very good man I’m just a really bad wizard but one thing I thought was.

Interesting and I won’t be able to like know if they took this from Wizard of Oz until I read Alice in Wonderland but in the new the second-to-last also wonderland the first one that they did with Johnny Depp they go into this.

Little world that is all like porcelain tea pots and stuff and there’s a world just like that in this book so now I’m like I was already planning on reading Wizard of Oz I mean I have it on my bookshelf somewhere right here I have Wizard of Oz I mean that was the Rose I have Alice in Wonderland so I was already planning on reading it but I’m curious.

To see if that scene in the movie also known was taken from Wizard of Oz and not actually in also undying but I don’t find that out when I read it and I’m actually looking forward to but yeah so it was a great great book I would suggest everybody read.

It as always I suggest anybody go back.

And read the classics I think they’re really important for us to know just because they are so much part of our culture and they’re mentioned so often and like.

Quotes and stuff from them pop up so often in our conversations I think it’s important for us to read those to know where they’re coming from this so thank you so much go ahead and like this video if you liked it and if you liked my little outfit I tried to be Wizard of Oz II I have ruby earrings even though she didn’t wear ruby slippers and I’ve got my Jenna gingham whatever it’s called the blue thing this yeah so definitely like this video if you.

Liked it and don’t forget to subscribe to my videos because I do post every Monday Wednesday and Friday thank you so much and I’ll.

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