TheHTMLEncoder: Hide Email Address From Spam Bots

Previously we have reviewed services that help you hide email address from spam bots and search engines by converting text email address to image. Today I have stumbled upon The HTML Encoder which also aims to protect your email, but in a different way. It encodes your email address in a way that makes it unreadable to any search engine or email extractor.

hide email address

The process is really easy, just enter your email address and click on “encode”. The site will encode your email and email you a peace of code that you can paste onto the page where you want the contact/email link to appear. Your email will appear in text but most of spam bots should not be able to see it. As simple as that!

hiding email address


  • Tool for hiding email address from spam bots.
  • Encode as many emails as you want.
  • No registration and free.
  • Similar tools: SpamProofEmailGenerator and HideText.

Check out TheHTMLEncoder @

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