Theswizzle: Automatically Scans Your Inbox & Let You Unsubscribe From Mailing Lists In Bulk

Many of us have idle email boxes that we don’t check that frequently and as a result they get spammed by lots of mailing lists. Somebody has realized that unsubscribing from lots of bulk lists manually is a pain and has therefore invented a great tool called Theswizzle. Once you authorize it to read your email account, it scans for all messages that appear to be coming from mailing lists or groups.

These results are then displayed in a nice table and you can instantly choose to unsubscribe from each list. Theswizzle either sends an unsubscribe email directly on your behalf or directs you to an unsubscribe page. You can also choose to unsubscribe and delete the messages.

The tool only scans for messages from the last 5 days though and includes a limited number of folders. To scan a wider timeline or folder range, you can set up an account and pay a one time fees of $2. It’s totally worth it if your inbox is flooded with annoying subscription emails.

unsubscribe from mailing lists



  • Scans your inbox for mailing list and group messages.
  • Let’s you quickly unsubscribe from and delete undesired messages.
  • Similar tool: Unsubscribe.

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