Think With Google: Google Powered Data, Insights & Trends

Think With Google is a data driven resource that provides you with lots of consumer trends, marketing insights and other industry-specific research information in an easy-to-read manner. To start with, you can browse the latest insights which not only includes information about that particular topic, but also articles, studies and videos related to it.

You can also dive into the research library and browse topics specifically by industry, platform, target audience or marketing objective. Most of the topics and information available on the website are technology or internet related. You can also take a peek at some quick facts and stats from variety of industries and platforms, and use a variety of search insight and bench-marking tools provided by Google to better understand your topic.

think with google


  • Get consumer trends and marketing insight powered by Google.
  • Search for a topic or browse by industry, platform type or target audience.
  • Use planning tools and statistics to strengthen your knowledge.
  • No registration required.

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