This email Will Selfdestruct in 10 minutes!


10 minute emailfree, simple and extremely useful tool that lets you open self-destructable 10 minute email account. Why would you want something like that? To use it for signups instead of givng away your primary email. Most of the websites out there require email on signup even if you have no intention of using them and simply want to check them out. Everytime you give out primary email unless it’s to established company you always risk to get spammed.

For instance, unless I am sure I will be using something regularly I try to avoid using my primary email address and I still get spammed once in a while. Most of the webbies handle this in different ways, some keep couple of bogus accounts for such cases, some use hotmail and rest may use something like 10minutemail which seems like a perfect solution. Yeap 10minutemial literally handles this problem in a perfect way, to get self destructable email account simply follow link from the home page, within one click you’ll be inside your 10 min. mailbox, no registration or whatever needed. This inbox will stay alive for 10 minutes, you can extend it for another 10 min. if required. During that time any emails sent to that address will show up automatically on the web page. You can read them, click on links and even reply to them…To sum up, bookmark it you’ll need it!

Note: Keep in mind though, once you register somewhere using 10minutemail there would be now way to recover a password in case you happen to forget it.

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