This Popular App Might Be Killing Your Android’s Battery Life

Battery life is a huge issue for a lot of Android users — not because Android devices have poor battery life, but because we always need just a little more to get us through the day. If your device feels like it’s dying prematurely, it may be due to two popular apps sucking down more energy than they need.

The apps in question are the official Facebook and Facebook Messenger apps, and as it turns out, uninstalling them may be the best thing you can do for your phone today.

When an Android blogger removed these apps from his device, he found that other apps actually launched faster — up to 15% faster than before. When the findings hit Reddit’s Android community, it prompted others to test and see how uninstalling affected them.


The results were good. These two apps sit in the background and constantly use resources even when you aren’t connected to data or Wi-Fi, and because of this, they waste a lot of RAM and expend too much battery power.

Until the apps are updated and fixed, you should uninstall them and switch to browsing Facebook through your mobile browser of choice.

You may want to check if any other apps are draining battery and make sure you aren’t being battery wasteful. Also, if your device has Android Marshmallow, there are a few specialized tips that may help improve battery life.

For those who uninstall, does your phone feel faster? Does the battery last longer? Got any other battery-related tips? Share with us in the comments below!

Image Credits: Android Apps by Twin Design via Shutterstock, Facebook on Android by OlegDoroshin via Shutterstock