Throwing Up Blood Prank On Boyfriend!!!

Hey guys and welcome back to a prank video yes Brandon I am coming back at you Brandon’s last prank on me was like the whipped cream on my face while I was sleeping and I was really pissed and that’s not even a real prank but you know what I’m gonna count it as a prank and I’m gonna get.

Him back so I’m gonna be doing the fake blood throw up on him prank throwing up blood prank on him like actually.

On his clothes and everything as y’all know I got earth for those of you that do watch our videos I got my wisdom teeth taken out exactly like a week.

Ago or a week in one day ago and today this morning I woke up and I was complaining to Brandon how I was feeling so much pain and like I think one of my wounds opened up and there’s like a little little bit of blood I told him I took medicine and I still feel pain and so yeah I’ve been just trying to kind of leave into like that so here’s the blood okay I got this at Target and it’s fake blood.

Spray okay well it says do not spray into eyes.

Ears nose or mouth oh yeah and guys I didn’t really get.

Ready because if I do then he’s gonna notice like Peno why you so dressed up why you gonna make a phone why are you looking so nice because I want it so I can hide it like.

Right here but would y’all be happy with this angle oh shoot my dad’s white yeah this is really hard I’m so nervous I’ll go to the bathroom and I’ll put it like in the corners.

I’ll put it in the corner and then I have like my makeup there and it’s all like fake I need to go to the bathroom I know I use the bathroom I’ll put it in my mouth and.
Then I’ll quickly you know come come downtown and then I would try to like.

Cuddle and everything and then somehow I’m gonna throw up on his shirt I hope he’s not wearing anything that he really likes because I don’t know if this is like if the stains come out that’s why I’m worried red I wonder if he’s gonna be like oh my gosh oh.

My gosh what what do I do are you okay and like take care of me or if he’s gonna be like oh my sure you know not on me I don’t know I have no clue how this is gonna go Brennan took a lot longer than expected he’s here now he said he got he’s outside.

In my house hopefully the camera doesn’t stop recording because I know like after certain in about a minute it stops for some reason it’s possible welcome Oh look there’s a hole oh yeah oh that’s the hole wait back there why is it oh it’s not like oh it’s like hurt though.

No I don’t believe it is it like curved like like you know how it.

Hugs the mouth the strip the teeth right here and goes three and then they cruise off at the back can I go take this it goes like straight and then they cruise what does it hurt maybe I like I used or I’m like you know I’m I’m not like hmm you ready buzz mmm mm-hmm oh-oh-oh-oh dr. me no me bacon was wrong are you pregnant or something I’m gonna throw up – do I live throw up on you like I can’t get up babe.

Oh oh it’s going down my shirt baby it was from him what he threw up lying you’re bleeding from your.

Mouth bed oh it’s stuck to my shirt oh I can’t it’s gonna fall oh I’m feeling sure yeah I’m going are you okay I’m gonna be okay I’m good summer Oh oh it’s so.

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