Toodledo: Online Task Management

Feature-rich online task management and project tracking application, and simple collaboration tool. Quick to register and completely free.

Toodledo - Task Management Application

Toodledo Features

  • Add, Manage, Schedule, Prioritize and Organize your tasks (ToDo’s).
  • Inline Editing: Quickly edit/save tasks without reloading the webpage.
  • Organize Tasks by Folders (i.e. projects), by context (work, home, car, etc.) and by tags.
  • Attach lengthy notes to any task.
  • Share and Collaborate on your Tasks with others (coworkers, friends, family, etc.).
  • Monitor task updates via RSS feeds.
  • Add long-term goals and assign these goals to individual tasks to keep track of which actions contribute to main goals.
  • Calendar View: Get a visual representation of when your tasks are due (see image below).
  • Search through all tasks and notes.
  • Access tasks directly from mobile phone. Customized version for iPhone available.
  • Set Task Reminders: send memos to up to 5 different email addresses or SMS devices.
  • Import/Export: import existing tasks from Palm OS PDA, Outlook, iCal, Excel, and RememberTheMilk (.iCal, .XML, .CSV or .TXT)
  • Pocket Booklet: Print your to-do list on a foldable booklet and carry it in your pocket (see image below.)

Calendar View:

Toodledo - Calendar View

Printable Booklet:

Toodledo - 'Todo List' Service

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