Top 10 Most Downloaded Educational Software [Movers & Shakers]

It’s time once again for our featured Movers and Shakers post. Each week, we take one software category and list the top ten most downloaded free apps CNet category entitled Educational Software.

These are applications that students can take advantage of or anybody for that matter. These are tools that help us study. The top 10 is made up of language software, dictionaries and even some religious applications. Let’s see what they have for us today:

1. WordWeb

1 Using this application, we can look up definitions, synonyms and antonyms without having to open a web browser. It has a hot key so you can mouse-over the word you want to analyze and hit the key combination. This is a brilliant free application.

2. Athan (Azan) Basic

2 Holding second place is a tool for Muslims to help them perform their daily prayers. The application will call you to prayer at the appropriate time of day, every day.

3. Google Earth

3 Google’s atlas that allows us to look up and discover the earth. Using Google’s knowledge you can find out all sorts of interesting geographical information from your computer.

4. Rapid Typing Tutor

4 Rapid typing tutor says that it can teach you to touch type or speed up your typing abilities. Download and use it regularly to improve your keyboard skills. This can help young kids new to typing as well as people who have been typing for years.

5. TypingMaster Typing Test

5 Using this application, you can discover how fast you type and learn how to improve upon it. This is a great application for users who have been typing for a long time and want to improve their words per minute.
  1. Ela-Salaty Another Muslim application calling you to prayer time.
  2. MecaNet Want to learn to type better? MecaNet guarantees success. Their words, not mine!
  3. Viper – the Anti-plagiarism Scanner Put your document through the ringer to check for plagiarism.
  4. I-Doser Synchronize your brain waves to achieve the mood you are looking for.
  5. Google Maps with GPS Tracker This is Google’s downloadable version of Google Maps with GPS enabled.

Do you have other educational applications that you use regularly? We would love to hear about them in the comments below!

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