Top 10 Most Downloaded Student Tools [Movers & Shakers]

It’s time again for our Movers and Shakers featured apps post. Each week, we take a category of software and list the ten most downloaded free apps.

This week we are looking at a CNet category entitled Student Tools. These are applications that students can take advantage of like note-taking applications and software that help you pass specific exams like the Bar or Real Estate exams here in the United States. I found the ATM teller tutorial amusing. Are there really people who do not know how to use an ATM?

1. Notalon

1 Notalon offers a dead simple interface for taking notes during classes, meetings or lectures. You can export your notes as a PDF and there are few options to distract you from what you are actually listening to. This helps makes a laptop an essential tool for students these days.

2. Secret Guide 2: How to Pass the Real Estate Exam

2 This application is supposed to help guide you through taking your Real Estate exam to become a licensed real estate agent. It does offer a lot of test taking tips but as for actual exam questions – they will try to get you to purchase another application for $60. You can probably find better applications for this purpose.

3. Atty. Ralph A. Sarmiento’s Bar Exam Notebooks

3 This is an excellent opportunity to review a lawyer’s Bar exam notes. This can be insightful and helpful for struggling law students. Ralph finished in 10th place within his group of examinees so his insights are very helpful. He allows it to be reproduced for any purpose other than selling it.

4. ATM (Automated Teller Machine)

4 This really is a tutorial on how to use a cash machine. It is a simulation of an actual ATM machine. You have a card and a PIN in an envelope. You attempt to put your card in, type in your PIN and withdraw some money. This is a great tool to teach someone how to use an ATM machine or even what one is.

5. Chemspread Pro

5 Are you struggling with chemistry formulas? Well chemspread pro can balance any chemical equation in the blink of an eye. This would have been especially helpful in my college chemistry courses. Kids today have it very easy!
  1. Flange Coupling Designer If you don’t know what a flange coupling is then this is probably not the right application for you. But if you want to be able to create your own flange couplings with a few mouse clicks, then this is the application for you.
  2. MB Sleeping Position Test What does the position that you sleep in reveal about you? You will be surprised how much it can tell you.
  3. MB First Vowel Numerology Working on the assumption that vowel numerology can actually tell us something this application analyzes the first vowel in your name and tells you what positive and negative traits it can be influencing.
  4. Student Revolution A word processor and Internet browser maashed up into one application. This can be awesome for research and reviewing data.
  5. Typhoeus Revise Create text and image based flash cards. Flash cards helped me getting through school and now here is a digital version!

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