Top 2 Free Online Adventure Single Player RPG Games

I am very picky about the games I play. I got used to in depth text games in the late eighties on my C64 like Kyrandia. That was fun on a 1200 bps modem!

Nowadays most games are graphic-intensive and have no real story line. These two games are fun and will open up your mind and imagination! The first one is text and ASCII graphics based and the second one is a full on flash RPG! Enjoy.

I love playing online role playing games aka RPG’s. Sometimes I want to play against the system and not against real people. I will show you 2 awesome free online adventure single player RPG games you can play by yourself. The first one is an old time favorite of mine called The Kingdom of Loathing aka KOL.

You go to The Kingdom of Loathing and create a new account. Click the Create a character button.

free online adventure single player rpg games

They will give you a bit of the background story above the dialogue to create your username password and character type. Think of The Kingdom of Loathing as a fun, less geeky type of Dungeon and Dragons. No one will tie you up a flag pole for playing this! No offense D and D lovers.

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Get you character created and continue on”¦.

free online adventure single player rpg games

Choose a character class. You would normally see Ogre, dwarf, warrior but here they are replaced with hysterical stereo typical classes like a Seal clubber, Turtle Tamer or Disco bandit!free online adventure single player rpg games

Once you are ready to play you will have a set number of turns to go on quests, solve puzzles and have fun!

rpg adventure games

Next up is Darkness Springs. Head on over to their site and create a new character. Your appearance can be any of the following:

rpg adventure games

Choose you type and continue right into the flash based graphical game like so:

rpg adventure games

Your tool bar is at the bottom you can move by clicking with your mouse where you want to move to. Click on the sword to bring up your inventory and this screen

adventure quest rpg

You see that you can learn spells, hold items and weapons. The shortcut key for this screen is I. You have the ability to create and rule your own realms, maps and quests. Some of their features are:

  • Can be played directly in the browser, nothing to install. (Reported to work on PC, Mac and Linux)
  • More than 100 maps in the default realm – dungeons, forests, villages, cities, secret caves and others
  • More than 2000 items, including magic and unique ones
  • 8 trainable skills, 4 trainable attributes
  • 30 magic spells
  • Lots of enemy types
  • Non-linear gamplay: The player is free to explore the whole world on his own.
  • More than 40 quests to solve (in the main realm alone)
  • Everyone is free to use the easy-to-use editor to create and publish new realms with new quests, stories and adventures.

If you get into this one their will be no coming back! As you get further and further in it will become more difficult and challenging.

adventure quest rpg

You can see the map of Enthpia below.

adventure quest rpg

Darkness Springs is a awesome role playing game: You have the same options that you are used to in other RPG’s. You can explore the game world, solve quests and gain experience. You gain experience by questing and battling. You are not required to play the game in any linear fashion and may explore and play at your own hearts content!

Do you have a favorite online single player adventure role playing game? Whoa that’s a mouth full! We would love to hear from you in the comments gamers! For some more multiplayer online RPG’s check out MakeUseOf’s RPG tag here.

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