Toshiba Tecra Z50-C-10P Notebook Review

For the original German review, see here.

Buyers looking for a reliable office laptop without having to accept compromises in connectivity often first think of Lenovo and HP. And considering their omnipresence, they might even fall subject to the belief that the market does not hold much more than Thinkpads and Elitebooks.

A look beyond these brands would, however, not hurt regarding "higher-quality" office laptops as Toshiba proves. The Tecra lineup might not reach the fame of dominating competitors, but that does not reveal much if anything about their quality.

With Toshiba’s Tecra Z50 C-10P, a slim laptop with modern Skylake innards comes to us. At first glance, it could pass as a consumer ultrabook – so, it does not exhibit major changes compared with the 2014 Tecras, such as the Z50 A-12K, just from the outside. The details infer business qualities; to be precise, the fingerprint scanner, SmartCard slot or even the TrackPoint in the keyboard area that quasi fulfills the role of a figurehead…

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