Trial Of Nigerian Pastor In South Africa Continues 25/10/18 Pt.2 |news@10|

Welcome back you just joining us you watching the news at 10:00 live on channels television a reminder of our top stories President wari reaffirms his administration’s commitment to infrastructure development across the country as he inaugurates the new port harcourt International Airport Terminal federal government orders the dismantling of all illegal security outfits in the country bans an authorized use.

Of unmanned aerial vehicles how best to maximize Africa’s resources for the development of the continent dominates discussions.

At the eternia lumina foundation Entrepreneurship forum in Lagos and ten people were killed in Cameron Anglophone region and renewed fighting between government troops and liberal forces that’s more information for you and channel CV comm.

You can also check out our youtube comment forward slash channels web where you can watch our videos you can also watch us on your mobile device via browser or download the channels TV app for Android iOS devices from their respective stores besides giving you access to news updates on the go the channels TV and shadows 24 app have an eyewitness feature you can use that to share.

Pictures videos or news of happenings around you just install the app then tap and swipe to reveal the menu and please follow the instructions and unless because some of the images that you sent in beginning with this good news from olafemi ojou at ellora in lagos state showing this transformer which an arbiter says has just been delivered by a KU electricity distribution company he says this is coming months after the.

Faulty transformer was taken away he appreciates channels television eyewitness forum for calling attention to the plight of residents and next is this video from a better bus stop in an emotional government area of Lagos state showing the bad state of the road according to our eyewitness.

Reporter the poor status costs much damage to vehicles that many motorists not prefer to travel in public transport he wants the Lagos State Government to look into it a final image is from old Georgia Road in Lagos State showing a dilapidated wooden bridge there appears to be the only means of getting across the pool by residents according.

To a Reuters reporter she wants the a more definitive government area of the state government to come to their aid thank you for sending in those images and ask that you keep them coming the trial of Nigerian pastor and leader of the Jesus Dominion International Church Timothy Amato sure continued today at the Port Elizabeth High Court in South Africa mr.
Emoto sure along with his female South Africans are facing multiple.

Charges of human trafficking racketeering and the contravention of South.

Africa’s sexual offenses act as the Africa Bureau Chief vetted area reports ahead of the court session today which began at 2:00 p. local time supporters on both sides manned respective positions outside while the police maintained a buffer zone the case didn’t proceed as normal at the Port Elizabeth High Court today as a defense but support two applications.

One leave to appeal the dismissal of the earlier application for judge Mandela McCullough to recuse himself from the case over alleged bias and an application to throw out the.

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