Tuesday Deals: Amazon Echo Comes To The Uk! Plus Savings On Wi-fi Scales And Chromebooks [uk]

After almost two years since its initial release, Amazon is finally bringing the Echo to the UK! Pre-orders for the Echo and its miniature sibling the Echo Dot are open now for delivery on 28th September and 20th October respectively. If you want to get excited about what to do with your Echo once it’s in your hands then take a look at our Echo review.

Also featuring today; savings on the Withings Body Wi-Fi scale, a discounted Lenovo Chromebook, and savings on Bike lights, duffel bags, and guitar accessories.

Amazon Echo (Black)

One of the most successful smart home devices is making its way to the UK. You can control all sorts of functions through the voice activated speaker, from playing music through a number of connected services, to asking “Alexa” about the weather, what you have in your calendar for today, or calling a ride with Uber.

Amazon Echo Dot, 2nd Generation (Black)

The Echo Dot is a smaller but just as smart, version of the Echo, and is very similar in specifications but missing the larger speaker of the fully-fledged Echo. A bonus of sorts — if you buy five, Amazon will give you a sixth for free, in case for some reason you need six of them.

Withings Body Wi-Fi Scales [10% Off]

The latest offering from Withings now features full body composition analysis and instantly syncs with the Withings Health Mate app via Wi-Fi allowing you to see the full breakdown of weight, body fat, water percentage, along with bone and muscle mass. Oh, and it also will show you the weather when you step on the scales.

Lenovo N22 11.6″ HD Chromebook (Black) [38% Off]

Chromebooks have easily replaced the once fashionable netbooks, due to their low cost, smart design, lightweight Operating System in Chrome OS, and excellent battery life. The very affordable N22 has 32GB of onboard storage, 2GB of RAM, and an 11.6″ HD screen.

LE LED Bike Light Set [62% Off]

As winter approaches and the nights get longer, its even more important to make sure you are lit up while cycling. Grab this LED set from LE which has a white headlight, a red tail-light, and mounts. No recharging in sight as the lights are powered by three AAA and two CR2032 batteries.

Under Armour Undeniable II Duffel Bag [45% Off]

The well known sports apparel company has produced an excellent (if the 4.6 star rating is to be believed) water resistant kit bag. According to one helpful customer able to store:

  • 1 x Size 9 trainers.
  • 1 x Standard sandwich lunch box.
  • 1 x 17″ laptop, cover, and charger.
  • A day’s worth of gym clothes including joggers, tee, socks, etc.
  • A few library books.

It’s also worth checking out the savings on a whole range of other Under Armour products.

RockJam Guitar Capo [10% Off]

One of the highest rated guitar capos I’ve ever seen on Amazon with a 4.2 star rating, the spring loaded guitar capo should make it easier than ever to mount with its rubber padding and padding on the reverse of the capo to protect your hands while playing.

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