Tumblr Adds SSL Security Layer, But Asks Users To Switch It On

Security conscious users on Tumblr finally get the extra SSL Security layer to encrypt their Tumblr sites. For now, you have to do it manually as it is not set by default. The standard security protocol has come late to the blogging platform, but it is a case of better late than never. Nearly every big name in the social sphere, like Twitter and Facebook have implemented it, not to mention other prominent sites.  It makes sense to have the security layer, as it prevents eavesdropping while data is transmitted between browsers and servers.


To set this up, go to Account Settings on the Tumblr Dashboard and toggle the switch. Tumblr has been testing this for some time before it made the brief announcement on its blog –

“Any reason I shouldn’t do this?” Nope, not really. It doesn’t change anything about the dashboard, it just encrypts your connection to it. We’ve been using it for weeks and haven’t even noticed. So, yeah, turn it on and forget about it. Easy.

Tumblr might have its reason for not activating it by default for all users. A report from TechCrunch suggests that it could break XKit, the popular Tumblr extension favored by many power-users. A Tumblr spokeman told CNET that it’s an initial teething step before Tumblr sets up measures to properly handle the extra processing overheads from the encrypted traffic.

Tumblr users aware of the news should surely flip on the switch. That’s recommended.

Source: Tumblr Staff Blog

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