Tunisia Rushes To Curb The Spread Of Mosquito-borne Virus

Authorities in Tunisia are going all-out to stop the spread of the West Nile fever this is the first time in decades that cases of this viral infection have been reported in the North African country epidemiologists have blamed recent climatic conditions for the outbreak West Nile fever spread by mosquitoes it can be pretty deadly if not treated CGT and.
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Affected by West Nile virus have been recorded in Tunisia.

The recent floods and torrential rains were followed by warm weather which favored the development of colonies of mosquitoes which transmitted the.

Virus it’s the autumn season and the temperatures are very hot we’re facing many threats and disease outbreaks like the West Nile virus we have provided the necessary means for health authorities to react and intervene anywhere across Tunisia the anagen experts assert that.

To the potential outbreak is robust but challenges remain it should be noted at the outset that very fortunately the recent outbreak did not involve large numbers of.

Cases no deaths were recorded only.

One region is being affected so far but we extremely.

Vigilant the Ministry of Health in.

Trained thousands of doctors to prepare its departments for epidemics the cooperation with the Tunisian health authorities is fruitful the country is ready to face epidemics like West Nile disease or any other disease outbreak the regional directors of health in the northwest affirm that no cases of epidemic diseases were recorded in 96% of the tunisian territory Tunisian authorities assert that the public health indicators are stable in the country and the concern structures are on standby and are closely monitoring the situation in addition the prevention and awareness campaigns have been stepped up to reassure and further protect.

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