Turbo: Recapping Fall Sports As We Approach Playoffs

What’s up who’s who’s excited for another great day of sports the fall season is finishing up so let’s see how your sports teams are ending the regular season I’m Anne Parker Coleman and this is turbo the number six ranked men’s soccer team is coming off a tie against Notre Dame this past Tuesday sadly their regular season game against.

Number five North Carolina on Friday has been postponed updates on the makeup game will be posted on the men’s soccer Twitter page at.

UVA men’s soccer the number 11 ranked women’s soccer team is coming off.

Florida State the team has their regular season game tonight their last.

One against NC State at 6 p.

in Klockner Stadium the 20th ranked field hockey team is playing their final regular season.

Game tomorrow against William and Mary this comes after a huge.

Victory against the second ranked team the nation the field hockey team is looking to have another big win and carry that momentum into the postseason last but not least the six and 14 women’s volleyball team is trying to bounce back from their loss against Notre Dame they head out to Durham tomorrow to face off against Duke the match will be at 6:30 p.

Aired on the ACC Network extra that’s all the sports action we have for today tune in next time for another.

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