Turntubelist: Free Youtube Music Mixer

Being a DJ and controlling how the party moves is something very special. Forget the expensive equipment – if you want to be a DJ, all you need is a computer with an internet connection. TurnTubeList is a cool youtube music mixer that lets you cross-fade and mix YouTube music videos like a professional Disc Jockey.

You start with searching for music videos and creating two different playlists. Start playing a song from one playlist and when it is about to get over play another one from the second playlist. The cross-fader lets you take out the slow parts of the song and focus on the good stuff. You can also play various playlists created by other users or publish your own so others can enjoy it.

youtube music mixer

  • Play YouTube music videos like a DJ.
  • Create a mix of your favorite videos and cross-fade videos.
  • Enjoy playlists created by other users.
  • Complete instructions and tips on how to make a good mix.
  • Similar tools: Ibizaah! and TYTVAAMC.

Visit TurnTubeList @ www.turntubelist.com

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