TwitDesktop: Easily Share Screenshots On Twitter

Would you like to share how your desktop looks with others? Normally this would mean taking a screenshot of your desktop and emailing it to your friends. But with a new web service called TwitDesktop, sharing a screenshot of your desktop has never been easier.

share screenshots on twitter

TwitDesktop is a free to use web service that helps you quickly share a screenshot of your desktop with your Twitter friends. The first step in using the web app is to sign into it and authorize it access to your Twitter account. In the next step you upload a clear screenshot of your desktop and select your operating system plus add optional tags. You can also upload separate files for the wallpaper, icons, and theme you used for your desktop.

When you upload it all, a shortened URL is tweeted through your account. People who click on the link are taken to your screenshot’s image and can leave comments and rate your screenshot. You can also use the site to keep a history of screenshots thereby keeping a record of how your desktop looked on different days.


  • A user-friendly web service.
  • Lets you share screenshots of your desktop with friends.
  • Auto-tweets your screenshot URL through your Twitter account.
  • Lets visitors rate your screenshot and leave comments.
  • Similar tools: Site2Pic, Puush, Autoscreenshot, W3 Snapshot, and Collabshot.

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