Twitter Mobile Apps Update With Photo Filters [Updates]

Very recently, Instagram pulled support for showing its photos directly in Twitter cards and Twitter seemed relatively quiet on the issue. It seemed as if Twitter did not care, and immediately after that happened, Twitter issued an update for its mobile applications that added photo filters that work in a very similar way to those of Instagram. This clearly explains why Twitter did not seem too concerned by Instagram pulling support; Twitter had its own Instagram competitor right on the horizon.

Twitter’s new service allows you to edit and enhance your photos directly from the Twitter apps on iOS and Android and share them on your Twitter timeline. Twitter is working with Aviary to provide its filters and effects for photos.

In all, Twitter is offering eight different filters in the app. You can quickly swipe through the different photos to see what it will look like with different effects on the pictures. You can also pinch to zoom and focus on certain parts of the photo.

Twitter also has an auto-enhance, which allows you to quickly take your pictures and make them look a lot better. This should help users share photos on the social network quickly and easily. Instead of having to go through a third-party app and then tweeting, users can now do everything in one place, which is clearly dangerous to some of the popular photo sharing applications out there such as Instagram.

The new update is ready to go on both the App Store and Google Play, so you can start sharing your enhanced photos right away.

Source: Twitter

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