TwitterRemote: Shows Twitter Users Who Visited Your Site

TwitterCounter which helps you track your Twitter popularity over time has recently developed a widget called TwitterRemote, which displays the Twitter users who recently visited your site.┬áIt’s much like Yahoo’s MyBlogLog widget that displays recent visitors, but for Twitter.

twitter users

You have to only provide your Twitter username to get the widget. It displays your username and the followers count along with your Twitter profile pic in the widget header followed by the recent visitors.

When a logged in Twitter users visit your site, their profile is displayed on the widget. A cool thing about this widget is that you can click on the username of a visitor in the widget and see detailed statistics about the user along with the 5 latest tweets.

twitter widget


  • Displays Twitter users who recently been on your site or blog.
  • Embed TwitterRemote widget on your blog, social profile or site.
  • Check out Twitter profiles of users visiting your site.
  • See detailed statistics about the users along with the last 5 tweets.
  • Users on the widget can also tweet about your site.
  • Free and easy to use.

Check out TwitterRemote @

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