UNData: United Nations Statistics & Research Database

A lot of people love looking at online trends and statistics. Not only are they great resources for your research paper, but it also leaves a great feeling to have all this data right at your fingertips, considering where we were 15 years ago when people had to go  to libraries to get their material.

One cool tool is UN Data, a website that bring statistical databases from various United Nations agencies. Part of this initiative is to bring all the data that the US has, through a single entry point, so that anyone can search and download the data that they need without going to individual websites.

united nation statistics

Start using UN Data by searching for databases in the search box. You can also sort through the various databases by looking at their metadata which is especially useful if you are looking for historical records. Data services from all UN member countries are available, totaling over 60 million data points. You can filter databases by topic from  Agriculture, Crime, and Education, to Population, Trade and Human Development.

united nation statistics

UN Data is a great tool for all student researchers, professionals, and even policy makers to aid them in evidence-based policy and decision-making.


  • All Statistics from United Nations available.
  • Filter databases by topic.
  • Glossary available.
  • Search through 60 million data points.
  • Similar Tools: Gapminder, KmlFactBook, and ConflictHistory.

Check out UNData @ http://data.un.org

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