Unicodinator: Get Unicode Information for Textual Symbols

Textual representations and symbols on our computer use a variety of characters. To explore these characters, you need a source that displays them and provides details such as encoding, comments, and location. Unicodinator is precisely such a source.

unicode information symbol

Unicodinator is a web tool that lets you visually navigate through Unicode blocks and codepoints 0000 through DFFF. You can click on any character and have its encoding details, comments, and location appear.


To jump to a specific category of characters you can access a particular type of block using the site’s “Block” menu in the top right.

Unicodinator can be used to identify a particular character, understand the various Unicode blocks, and find shapes to use in non-image icons.


  • A user-friendly web service.
  • Lets you visually navigate through Unicode blocks.
  • Can be used to identify a particular character.
  • Includes encoding and comment for each character.
  • Similar tools: NiceEntity, UnicodeTable and JoyLy.

Check out Unicodinator @ www.unicodinator.com

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