Urge: Helps You Stop Wasting Money On Those Little Expenses [iOS]

Every day we spend money. Sometimes it’s buying an energy drink or a sandwich that we don’t really need. At the time, they seem like small, insignificant purchases, but after a while they add up to a lot of money. Urge is designed to help you stop wasting money on those little things. Instead, it has you transfer money directly to your savings account when you would normally spend it on something small and not needed.

stop wasting money

Let’s say you drive by a Starbucks, where you would normally spend $4.00 on a coffee. You enter that amount into the app and it will keep track of how much you saved (provided you don’t buy the cup of coffee anyway). It’s pretty crazy how quickly these little things add up. You can set a savings goal, and the app will help you get there by preventing the little spending sprees. You can also share your savings on Facebook, if you choose.

For a $1.99 in-app purchase, you can use the app to actually transfer the money you’ve saved from your checking account to your savings account. This way you aren’t just seeing the savings, but actually saving. However, the top 15 banks in the US are not supported as of now, but they do support over 300 other banks and credit unions.


  • Stop nickle and diming yourself into poverty.
  • Avoid little purchases and keep track of how much you have saved.
  • Set saving goals for extra motivation.
  • Transfer money to savings account with $1.99 in app purchase.

Find Urge on the iTunes App Store

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