Urtak: Create Embeddable Polls for Free

If you are fond of making poll questions and gathering survey answers from people, then Urtak might just be perfect for you. It is a free collaborative poll tool which allows you to create your own embeddable polls.

embeddable polls

Once you sign up for an account, you can add survey questions and make your own embeddable poll. You can add as many questions as you like. For simplicity, users can only answer “yes,” “no,” and “don’t care”, and the responses of other users will be shown in your panel in pie chart form. That way, you can easily see the results of your survey question.

Moreover, your poll question can be posted to embedded polls made by other users so that you can pool more responses for your question without actively promoting your poll. Your poll can also be listed in the Urtak directory when you have at least 100 responses.

embeddable polls


  • Post unlimited poll questions.
  • View similar questions and their results before you post your own question.
  • Check the percentage of poll answers.
  • Check results in real time.
  • Embed the poll to your own webpage or social network profile.
  • View the Urtak directory for a list of polls.
  • Similar Tools: Polls Boutique, 99Polls, and Doodle.

Check out Urtak @ www.urtak.com

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