Use Chrome Autofill to Make Shopping & Registration Easier

Once you improve your typing speed, you can fly through lots of work quickly online. Yet, however fast you are, typing your address when checking out or registering a new account can get old.

Text expansion is one solution to this, but Google Chrome has a powerful built-in tool that can save you the trouble of repeatedly typing that same information. Autofill lets you create profiles of common information (such as your email address, home address, and phone number) that Chrome automatically fills in for you.

To have a look at what’s currently in Autofill, click the three bars menu in the top-right of Chrome and choose Settings. Scroll down to the bottom and choose Show advanced settings… and choose Manage Autofill settings under Passwords and Forms. Each entry here can be edited when double-clicked — if you have duplicates or incorrect information (perhaps Chrome saved a typo), this is the place to fix issues.

You might want to be careful about what information you save here, though. Guy discussed how easily Autofill could be compromised, so you shouldn’t save your credit card info in it. If you’re concerned for security, LastPass offers a similar autofill feature but encrypts it behind your master password, so nobody can snoop around your info.

If you’re not satisfied with Chrome’s tools, check out other autofill applications.

What do you use autofill for? Have you tried LastPass for a more secure solution? Let us know what you think below!

Image Credit: Goodluz via