Use This Trick to Make Google’s Two-Step Login Less Annoying

Two-factor authentication (2FA) requires something you know (your password) and something you have (usually your phone) to log into your account. It’s much safer than using a password alone, and you should enable it on all of your accounts that support 2FA.

However, 2FA demonstrates the classic trade-off between security and convenience — while punching in a code to log in makes your account nearly bulletproof, it’s a pain to open your authentication app every time and type a number.

Google’s new 2FA method is here to make using two-factor authentication less annoying.

To enable it for your Android or iOS device (the latter must have the Google app installed), head to your security settings page on Google and click on the 2-Step Verification entry. Re-enter your password, and you’ll be at the 2FA page.

If you aren’t already using two-step authentication, go ahead and enable it now, using a text message or authenticator app (try a more powerful alternative to Google Authenticator, such as Authy) as the login method.

Once that’s done, or for people who are already using 2FA, scroll down to Set up an alternative second step header and look for Google prompt — this is the new, convenient option. Click this option, then Get Started at the prompt.

Next, choose a phone tied with your Google account, noting that it must have lock screen protection before you do this.

Now, just click Next and you should get a push notification on your phone. Tap Yes to verify and you’re in! This is all you’ll need to do when signing into Google in the future — no more annoying codes!

Do you like the convenience of this option, or do you prefer typing a code? Tell us your 2FA preferences below!

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