Using All My Red Art Supplies

Hi everyone so in this video I’m going to be using all of my red art supplies first of all I want to say that this challenge has been created by drawing with waffles you’re all probably familiar with her videos but she’s the first one I ever saw do this challenge she did it with purple first and I’ve been.

Doing a few colors as well and I worked my way to red I just decided red is kind of a scary color kind of fitting for fall.

And Halloween so I wanted to do that before I get into the rest of the video I just want to quickly say thanks to Amino for sponsoring this video if you haven’t heard of a me know before it is a mobile network of communities for every interest on the planet it’s a really good way of uniting people with the same interest and of.

Course my favorite one is art Amino because I’m an artist and one of my favorite things to do on any app ever is to just browse through the feature to feed and see all the different kinds of art that people post because it’s a good way to just discover quickly some artists that you might want to follow another cool feature is voting on polls helping people decide what to do or just like voicing.

Your opinion I think is a really neat feature and from the time this video goes live for 48 hours I’m going to have a question and answer on my Amino page the.

Be in the description so you can ask any question you want on.

That post and I will try my best to.

Answer everybody if I can the link to the post will be in the description so you can check that out and ask a question there there will be a link in the description to download amino as well it’s for free on Apple or Android there’s also a link in the.

Pin YouTube comment thanks so much to Amina for supporting me and my channel it helps me out a lot.

And onto the rest of the video so in this video I decided I wanted to do something kind of Halloween themed and I really like drawing cats some days I can draw them some days I can’t this.

Was one of those days where I could draw a cat and I were just looking on Pinterest for some inspiration for Halloween I came across a cat.

Wearing some overalls and like witches and a cat with a broomstick so I wanted to kind of do a witch cat wearing overalls with like a cat beside it that had just carved a pumpkin and he’s.

Holding it up he’s really proud of his pumpkin I thought I was going to have tons of different art supplies to choose from I.

Thought because because with the other I did blue as a color and there were just so many blue art supplies there so many like if you buy a pack of pencil crayons there’s tons of blue in it but by doing the this challenge with red I realized that there isn’t really that many red art supplies really it’s kind of.

Hard for me to tell the difference between pink and red I know that it’s the same shade but it almost looks like a different color to me so it’s kind of hesitant.

To use pink because I didn’t want to use anything too magenta or purpley I wanted to really stick with the red and I went a little bit onto the orange.

Side as well so it goes from Orange II red to red and then of course lighter reds and Pink’s whenever doing these challenges the most important thing since it’s basically a monochromatic is your values so you want to.

Have a good balance of white and dark so that’s why I made eventually you’ll see the overalls of one of the cats have a darker red overalls and light fur and the other cat has light overalls and dark fur and I tried to put shadows to help things read better and outline because when.

Everything is the same color you’re relying a lot pretty much completely on contrast like values rather than saturation to tell the difference between different elements in the drawing I definitely appreciated having pencil crayon because I could sharpen them to a point and really go in with the details with them and it was a lot of.

Fun to kind of combine the marker and pencil crayon together to create texture on top of the marker I used a little bit of watercolor but it was just the.

Plain out of the tube red and I didn’t want to use it too much because it’s not really that original of a color because it’s straight out of the tube I can’t really mix it with anything because then I would be using a yellow art supply which kind of goes against.

The whole idea of this challenge I had a lot of fun with this I forced myself.

To slow down take my time and also go with my instincts because just because something doesn’t take you a long time doesn’t mean it’s not.

Good and sometimes I overwork things because I feel like I have to spend all this time on something but I’ve been learning a lot lately that you don’t have to spend forever on something for it to be good you because as an artist when you’re drawing for a really long time you start to kind of build these instincts on what what will look good what kinds of marks.

You need to make to create something that looks good and sometimes you find yourself going kind of quickly and it looks good to you but then you’re thinking this only took me a couple seconds how can this be good enough if I didn’t spend like hours on it and I think that’s where the problem of overworking comes in because people feel like they have to spend forever on stuff for it to be.

A good drawing I think the coloring of this took me 1 to 2 hours maybe an hour and a half but like certain areas within it didn’t take very long and I thought I need to go over this more because I didn’t work on it long.

Enough even though I like the way it looks so I kind of force myself to not do that I tried really hard to not overwork it and.

To kind of leave it alone when I knew that it was already working I accidentally used well not really I guess accidentally used.

My most oranjee read on the pumpkin and that wasn’t intentional it wasn’t trying to cheat and make the pumpkin orange I just so happened to pick up orange –red and use it on the pumpkin so I tried to mix the orange throughout the drawing so that it didn’t look like I just used the.

Orange –red only for the pumpkin I’ve been wanting to kind of incorporate more texture into my art lately just because I like the.

Way that looks and I just think I just think it has a good look to it especially with digital I tend to kind of smooth things out I leave brush strokes but the.

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