USPS Mobile: Mobile Package Tracking Site

Although you can always access USPS’ (United States Postal Service) main website from your mobile phone (if it can connect to the net) and track packages, it is always better if one gets a simpler, trimmed-down version of the site on the small screen of the cellphone. USPS Mobile offers you just that. When you visit it’s mobile version, you’ll see 4 main links – Track & Confirm, Find USPS Locations, Find a ZIP Code and Find Cities in a ZIP Code.

mobile package tracking

These links help you in tracking packages and finding other USPS related information on your cellphone, all in a simple, neat interface that saves you from the hassle of navigating a site on that small device.

usps mobile tracking


  • USPS mobile tracking.
  • A very clean interface which is easy to use.
  • Shows 4 main links on the front page.
  • Save time while tracking your package on your cellphone.
  • Similar tools:  FollowMyStuff, PackageTrackr, TrackMyShipments and other shipping trackers.

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